Outdoor Plants

Bridge Farm Nurseries opened in 1988 as a houseplants grower and supplier for garden centres and retailers. To this day, the outdoor plants supplier arm remains the core focus of the business.

The British weather provides no barrier for Bridge Farm Group’s outdoor plant production. The group specialises in outdoor bedding plants and perennials and its Horseshoe site’s greenhouse is filled with seasonal produce all year round; pansy and viola packbedding in spring, an array of geranium, petunia and begonia pots and packs in the summer months and dianthus, primrose and viola throughout autumn.

Continual investment and research into the most efficient ways to grow outdoor plants have helped Bridge Farm Group to excel in the outdoor plants market and the group finds that UK consumers look to brighten up their gardens with colour; their most popular outdoor products are colourful impatiens, petunias and geraniums during the summer months.

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