Coronavirus Update 31/03/20

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Website Update 31 March 2020

At Bridge Farm Group we are committed to ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our staff to be of the upmost importance.  Due to the current crisis, it is even more important that we manage and control our environments to ensure all employees are safe and protected.

Every morning, the Crisis Management Team meet virtually to review the Group’s business continuity plans which include: working from home policies, review of hygiene controls, split shifts, zone working, enhanced cleaning procedures in all areas of operation, customer informs and Government guidance updates.

As our business continuity plans are in place, we will continue to operate from all our sites whilst monitoring local government and national controls.  We will look to keep our essential channels open to ensure that we help to provide our retail customers with produce.  We will also continue to monitor the disrupted supply chains.

These are exceptional times we live in.  Following an in-depth review, we will continue areas of operations as follows:

.  Production and sale of potted herbs as part of the food supply chain

.  A day-by-day approach to the supply and sale of plants and flowers to our retail customers

In order to support the above we have taken measures to ensure that we safeguard the health and well-being of our colleagues:

.  Staff that can work from home, will continue to work from home and within our working from home policy

.  For operational staff we are ensuring the government’s social distancing is rigorously followed, especially in canteen areas, and are enforcing the 2-metre rule. This especially applies to  smoking areas

.  We continue to sanitise all ‘touch’ areas and have provided hand sanitisers and necessary PPE

.  Breaks are being split into smaller teams with a second canteen area being introduced at Clay Lake

In addition:

We are working with staff on a package of flexible options and are being sympathetic to those who have concerns with working during this period

We are following advice from the Government regarding the ‘job retention scheme’

We will continue to operate with the utmost importance placed on the health, safety and well-being of our people and the communities in which we live.  We have not taken the decisions above lightly; we believe it to be in the wider interests of our customers and communities and ultimately our staff.

Louise Motala
Managing Director UK



Following escalation by the Government, we have put in place a dedicated crisis management team who meet daily and are working together to safeguard employees, suppliers, customers and visitors by introducing extra safeguarding measures.

The measures we are putting in place will be reviewed regularly to ensure we are meeting and following government guidelines.

As the situation changes, we will remain active and review our plans and procedures accordingly.

Travel and visitors

We have introduced a temporary ban on all non-essential international travel.  Travel within the UK is permitted at this stage, but meetings in person will be avoided unless essential.  Where possible we will be using teleconferencing, MS Teams or Skype.  We are also asking everyone to reduce non-essential interactions including socialising in large groups, pubs, clubs and restaurants.

We have placed a temporary restriction on non-essential visitors to our sites and offices.  Employees have been asked to re-schedule meetings with the aim of holding essential meetings via tele-conference.

In line with Government advice, essential visitors will be asked questions via a confidential health and travel questionnaire, before being allowed on site and everyone is being asked to sanitise their hands being making any interaction.

We have installed a temporary barrier at our Clay Lake site and will prohibit drivers who have visited high-risk areas in the last 14 days from entering.  We are working with our customers and suppliers to ensure the safety of their drivers, who will be allowed to return to their vehicles, whilst waiting to load/unload.  We will ensure that they are not required to wait in confined shared spaces.


We are following advice from both the World Health Organisation and the UK government (NHS) for prevention of the escalation of Covid-19.

We are asking everyone to thoroughly wash their hands on a regular basis – hand sanitisers have been made widely available.  We have placed posters in strategic places giving details of the symptoms of Coronavirus, posted up hand washing guidance and supplied additional paper hand towels (where required).  We have increased the wiping down of all communal contact points i.e. door handles, doors, handrails, kitchens and toilet areas.


The Team are working on all possible risk-based scenarios including staff working from home, staggered shifts and zone working.  In the event of a forced site closure we will provide further news updates via our website.

If you have any questions or require further clarification, then please contact in the first place:

Louise Motala
Managing Director