Our Values

Bridge Farm Group has grown and been successful through implementing a cost-effective strategy in a competitive industry. Its key focus is to maintain and increase its position as the lowest cost producer of horticultural products in the UK.

Its position as both grower and packer sets it apart in the industry and allows it to quickly and efficiently service everyone from garden centres to supermarkets.

In order to do this, the business will continue to invest in efficient and automated facilities, bringing new entrants into the market, and allowing the group to continue to innovate and grow.

The Group

For 30 years, Bridge Farm Group has been a grower of indoor and outdoor plants, delivering the best quality products to homes and stores, using the most innovative techniques in the industry.

What we grow

Bridge Farm Group sells more than 80 million units per year to retailers and consumers across the globe; it is known and highly regarded as a grower, packer and supplier of plants, flowers and produce, responsible for producing some of the UK’s best quality outdoor plants, culinary herbs, flowers and stems at the lowest cost.

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