About Bridge Farm Group

For 30 years, Bridge Farm Group has been growing some of the most world class plants, flowers and produce, using the most innovative techniques in the industry to supply homes and stores across the world.

Bridge Farm Group started out as Bridge Farm Nurseries, which was established by Jayne and Tony Ball in 1988. The business grew houseplants for the wholesale trade. In 2010, their son David became involved in the running of the business and, sharing his parents’ vision, put an ambitious plan in place to diversify and expand the group.

Who we are

In 2010, David oversaw the acquisition of Neame Lea, the UK’s leading grower and supplier of ornamental plants, bringing expertise in the cultivation of unique ornamental plants into the fold.   Today, Neame Lea Fresh adds a new and exciting arm to the brand, producing potted herbs, cut herbs, microgreens and living salads for multiple retailers and food service customers.

Further expansion came in 2016, with investment into Zyon UK, meaning that the group could now offer specialist category management of horticultural ranges to the leading retailers in the UK.   A milestone came in 2017, when Bridge Farm Nurseries, Neame Lea, Neame Lea Fresh and Zyon UK were brought together as Bridge Farm Group.   The group runs as a well-oiled machine and oversees the journey of plants ‘from bulb to beautiful’.

The Group

For 30 years, Bridge Farm Group has been a grower of indoor and outdoor plants, delivering the best quality products to homes and stores, using the most innovative techniques in the industry.

What we grow

Bridge Farm Group sells more than 80 million units per year to retailers and consumers across the globe; it is known and highly regarded as a grower, packer and supplier of plants, flowers and produce, responsible for producing some of the UK’s best quality outdoor plants, culinary herbs, flowers and stems at the lowest cost.

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